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Please review the options below for fast, convenient assistance.  Please allow adequate time for a response.  Thank you for your interest and continued business.  We appreciate you!

Training Videos

Each training video is less than 5 minutes long and designed to cover specific topics.  These are a great way to find fast answers, get to know our systems, build your confidence and capabilities, and become more efficient in leveraging our online marketing systems.

Email Troubleshooting Guide

Email Troubleshooting

Sometimes the most reliable Email platform will have issues. However, it is important to understand it is pretty rare. 99% of issues are local.

The most common issues are related to Outlook configuration, Outlook technical challenges, security software, operating system updates, and the like.

Be sure to walk through the steps to the right as they will help you get fast answers. Please complete the troubleshooting steps before submitting a support request. 

1. Click here to check Email system status. Our system processes millions of messages each month. If there is a technical glitch at the data center, it will be reported quickly here. If there are issues, we also report how they are being resolved.

2. Email still not working?  Click here to verify your account is working via webmail.  You can leverage webmail until you are able to resolve your local access challenges. (If you are on Microsoft Hosted Exchange, this will re-direct you to the most appropriate version of Outlook Web Access.)

3. Completed the steps above? The issue is most likely local to you.  Click here to run our Email troubleshooter & setup wizard.

4. Still having challenges? Let us know! We’ll confirm the steps you’ve walked through. We’ll also double-check with our data center technicians to make sure there are zero reported challenges. And if we confirm the challenge is local to you, we’ll do our level best to find resources to help you/your local tech resolve them quickly.

Website Troubleshooting Guide

Website Troubleshooting

If Your Site Isn’t Working:

At SiteforLess we strive for 100% up-time outside of planned maintenance windows. If you think your website isn’t working, it may be an issue with the connection between you and SiteforLess’ cloud rather than with the SiteforLess system itself.

The most common issues are related to browser caching, bad session cookies, bad locally stored DNS, local security software, internet service provider issues, etc.

Be sure to walk through the steps to the right as they will help you get fast answers. Please complete the troubleshooting steps before submitting your request. 

If You Are Receiving a Security Notification During Login or When Adding Content:

Please take a snapshot of your computer screen with the error displayed and forward that to along with your request. This will help our team determine which security system is screening your activity.

1. Click here to check if your website is up for the rest of the Internet. Our cloud is dynamic and self-healing… and technical challenges are handled in real-time. That stated, if this test reports that the site is DOWN for the Internet, notify us right away. If the report says “It’s just you”, then the issue is either local to you or with your ISP.

2. If the test shows the site is UP for the Internet, your local computer(s) may have confused caches likely causing the issue. To begin with, be sure to clear the cache using these instructions: We also recommend flushing your DNS with these instructions:

3. If leveraging Internet Explorer we also recommend that you have it set to refresh the browser cache each time you visit the website page.  This can be found under Internet Options > Browsing History > Settings

4. Still having challenges? Let us know! Please understand that if the report from Step 1 shows the site is up, our ability to impact your seeing the site will be limited.

Submit Your Support Request

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Basic Support

You’ve already tried to search for help using one of our system’s Knowledge Bases or via the above training videos and you need some extra help to find the answer you need.

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Advanced Support

A system isn’t functioning the way you believe it should be or you don’t have access to make an update / change yourself.  (For example, need a new password, need a new user account, need to retrieve a password, etc.)

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Emergency Support

Your website is down or you can’t send/receive Email and you believe the issue is server related.


  • While our data centers are staffed 24/7 to make sure our systems are always operating optimally, our support staff is a Monday through Friday team.  Requests submitted on a Friday afternoon may be responded to on Monday.
  • We do not retain passwords for security and compliance purposes.  If you’ve forgotten or lost your password, you’ll need to request a new one.  Passwords must be strong.  “Pink99Elephants%” is a good password:  It contains mixed case, a two digit number, and a special character.

Submit Your Request (Be as Detailed as Possible):

  • Click on the Blue Contact us/Live Chat bar in the lower-right corner of the site.
  • Send your request to
  • Submit your request via the button below.

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