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Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form
Alumni Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Outstanding Faculty
Volunteer Outstanding Community Leader Outstanding Staff
Criteria for Alumni Nomination Only:
1. Nominee must be of good character.
2. Five years must have elapsed since the Nominee attended College of the Desert.
3. Nominee must have been in good academic standing while attending College of the Desert.
4. Nominee must have gained local, state, or national recognition in any area of endeavor.
Nominee Information:
Name of Nominee:
Date of Attendance:
Degree or Certificate:
Current Profession or Business:

Please include a short biographical sketch of the Nominee with this form stating awards of merit, significant contributions to their professional field, and all other outstanding achievements at the local, state, or national level.

As Nominator, what reason would you give for the above-named individual to be selected to the Alumni Hall of Fame?

I nominate the above-named individual to the Alumni Hall of Fame.

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