Each SiteforLess Managed WordPress Plan Includes Hands-on Help to Ensure Your Success!

(Assisted Migration of Your Existing WordPress Site is Also Included.)

* Pricing reflects the standard SiteforLess rate. Annual Pre-Pay and Customer Loyalty discounts are available. Get SiteforLess FREE when paired with LiftDemand. Contact us for details.

All Plans Include:

  • 1 Secured Domain For Life (as long as you remain a SiteforLess client)
  • Managed DNS
  • Full SSL For Your Website
  • Cloudflare Railgun

Save up to $48/year with our Domain For Life program. Our domains include privacy and protection. GoDaddy, NetworkSolutions, Register, and others all charge extra for this. Save up to $240/year with SSL. (LiquidWeb charge $20/mo to enable SSL on their CloudSites hosting.) Save $2,400/year off what Cloudflare charges companies to access Railgun speed enhancement.

  • 1 FREE Enterprise-class Email
  • Advanced Webmail
  • Integrated Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Scanning
  • 25 GB of Storage
  • Attachments Up to 50 MB

Other services charge as much as $10/mo for less capable Email. Plus SiteforLess Email is fully managed. Add, change, delete users with a simple Email to our Support team. Zero complexity. Save $120/hour or more off what local techs charge to accomplish the same. Additional Email accounts available for $3/mo each.

  • Build Unlimited Complex Forms With Ease
  • Form Integration With PayPal
  • Supports Quizzes & Polls
  • Maximum Compliance With Full Data Encryption At The Field Level in Real Time

Save $39/mo vs. JotForm’s Silver Plan. And with SiteforLess you also get UNLIMITED forms!

  • Unlimited Contacts & List Segmentation
  • Drag & Drop Visual Editor
  • Automatic Can-Spam Compliance
  • 100% Customizable Email Template
  • Automation Based on Subscription Actions
  • Fully Automatic Email Generation & Sending Based on Site Content

Compare to Constant Contact’s Email+ service for 500 accounts. Save at least $45/mo by leveraging SiteforLess.

  • Unlimited* Operators
  • 7-year Compliance Archive** of All Chat Messages
  • Easy Web Interface
  • Supports Internal Conversations Too!

Save $15/mo/operator vs. ProvideSupport.com *Operator configuration consumes Assisted Support Time. **The Compliance Archive is a unique feature of SiteforLess Live Chat integration.

Game Changing Options:

  • Complete Reputation Marketing
  • Reputation Micro-Site
  • Fully Managed Local Citations
  • Social Promotion
  • Social Review Video (1 per month)
  • Local Retargeting Traffic (up to 5,000 impressions per month)

Local Marketing is designed to lift your brand above your competitors to give you a distinct advantage. You will attract reviews, social proof, and traffic. You’ll also create 100% engagement with your brand long after an initial website visit.

  • Get a Unique Social Covers Each Year to Consistently Promote Your Brand
  • Up to 16 High Quality, Professionally Written Articles per Month
  • Unique Graphics For Each Article
  • Brand Broadcasting Via Social Promotion For Each Article (And All Other Content)
  • Automatic Content Syndication
  • Unlimited Access to https://lift.link
  • Social Metrics Monitoring
  • Top-3 Social Competitor Monitoring

Get curated content and have it socially promoted across your social channels without lifting a finger. Effectively creates a social impression for your brand on nearly all weekdays. Leverage content for Email marketing as well. With automatic content syndication. legally and ethically grab high-quality content from other respected authority websites. Leverage https://lift.link to further “advertise” your website on virtually any other website…

  • Includes On-page by-hand Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO)
  • Unlocks Available Assisted Support Time For More Targeted “By-Hand” SEO Work
  • Adds 30 Minutes / Mo of Additional SEO Time
  • Includes One Top-10 Analysis Per Quarter
  • Full Reporting

Incorporates ongoing analysis of your entire website, up to 200 core content elements/pages. Examines more than 50 critical elements that impact ranking power. 

Here’s an example of our Lift Demand audit we leverage for by-hand Search Engine Optimization

  • 100% Unique 500+ Word SEO-Targeted & Conversion Optimized Article
  • Custom Graphic (Attractive For Social)
  • 1-Minute Summary Video Creates Engagement
  • Social Promotion Creates Followers
  • Massive Press Release

This approach tells your story and establishes your authority within your local market and beyond. This captures attention and helps to drive traffic. It also helps you stand above your competitors and helps you capture more of Google and Bing’s attention.

  • Birthday Outreach
  • Anniversary Outreach
  • Holiday Outreach
  • Cross-Sell Outreach
  • Lead Follow-up Program
  • Custom Outreach

All campaigns feature a combination of managed Email, SMS Text, and Ringless Voice Mail. These programs offer significant sales and service impact. 

  • Retargeting Traffic Boost (Ads up to 5,000 more impressions per month)
  • Traffic Blaze – High-quality targeted local traffic from reputable websites and blogs.
  • GeoFencing Traffic – Hyper-targeted traffic from specific locations such as your competitors
  • Facebook Ad Traffic w/ Automation – Leverage Facebook’s A.I. in your favor and get better traffic.

SEO is challenging and Google Adwords are expensive. Our traffic solutions are designed to draw high quality targeted traffic from within your local market. Combined with a conversion optimized site and our other systems, this adds more fuel to the fire and creates a much stronger long-term impact.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I stuck in a long-term contract?

Never. Our digital marketing plan terms are always year-to-year and you’re protected by our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee from the date of your initial purchase.

If within the first 30 days of purchasing one of our products or services you are not satisfied, you may ask for a full refund.  No strings attached.  No fine print.

Check out our guarantee here.

Are there any discounts?

Yes! Pre-pay the entire year and receive 12 months for the price of 10. That’s nearly 17% off our standard monthly rates.

We also offer a loyalty discount that increases 1% each year you are with us. Earn up to 5% off! 

Are there limits on how I can leverage Assisted Support time?

Time may be leveraged for content updates, adding content to your site, changing settings, Email administration, DNS administration, Email newsletter campaign, and subscriber management, etc. The only real limitations on time are as follows:

Assisted Support time may not be used for website design, graphics work, SEO work, or building complex page layouts from scratch unless one of the following is true:


  • You have a Lifetime Guarantee on your design: This unlocks Assisted Support time for on-page graphics & design work as well as for handling complex page layouts.
  • You have the optional “by hand” SEO package: This unlocks Assisted Support time for SEO work and also adds an extra 30 minutes per month of by-hand SEO time.
What happens if I don't use my time in a given month?

We hope you’ll always be working to leverage us in some way to help you with your website and online marketing needs. We also understand everyone gets busy from time to time. You’ll be able to carry over a maximum of 3 months worth of assisted support time.

With our on-page SEO add-on, we will automatically leverage available assisted support time at the end of the month for ongoing SEO work. That way your site is always making progress and your time is maximized.

What happens if I run out of time?

We offer blocks of time for sale at a great discount. You can also upgrade your service level. We’re flexible! For us, it’s all about helping you achieve the most out of your investment.

If I leave the service, what can I take with me?

We don’t believe in holding clients hostage. Copyrights for any custom developed content and designs remain with us until the design work is paid in full.  You may keep any custom design work created specifically for you once the license is transferred. Likewise, you can keep any images we’ve licensed for your use. Certain elements are proprietary or licensed to you only while you are a SiteforLess client. These include standard designs, forms, plugins, subscribed newsletter content, and all related software used to run our environment.

How much time do I need?

The amount of time you need is for your managed WordPress plan is directly related to how aggressive you will be with your direct marketing efforts and how much you want to unburden yourself from these efforts.

Generally, the Starter digital marketing plan is great for one big digital marketing push each month. The Executive plan is better suited for roughly two primary digital marketing efforts. The Elite plan is perfect for roughly three different efforts.

Do you guarantee rankings?

We always strive to find the “yes” whenever possible but this is a definite no. Google says to run away from any firm that promises first page results. We believe in and implement a white-hat, organic approach that takes the long view. This has the added benefit of protecting your site from changes in search engine ranking methods. Our “automatic” SEO will keep your sitemap updated, will submit new content to Google and Bing, will ensure your images all have appropriate alt-text, and gives you full control over each page/blog article’s Title Text and Description. It’s also important to understand that we consider this Basic SEO. More in-depth “by hand” search engine optimization,  tools, and reporting are included in our optional SEO service.

Is there work expected of me?

Yes. While we take care of the heavy lifting for you, it is important that you drive the message for the effort along with which tools are used each month on your behalf. With our SEO Add-on, when your assisted support time isn’t leveraged, we’ll default to our “by hand” on-page SEO work based on results from the included LiftDemand Website Audit.

If you need help creating a complete custom design, in developing content, engaging socially, or in aggressively pursuing your local market, we have optional services to affordably accomplish all in style.

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