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A thousand Web sites can impact millions of visitors. But if your affiliated agents' Web sites are built by hundreds of disparate developers, how do you maintain control of your brand? Consider the compliance and regulatory issues and the problem is complicated further.

Worse yet, trying to provide an internal solution has its own hassles. There are costs of equipment and personnel. Then there are the headaches of providing support. Plus, internal solutions aren't flexible and a turn-off to the agents you are trying to get to use the service.

SiteforLess provides an integrated solution for your agency Web sites. Through an Endorsement or Co-Op arrangement, SiteforLess can help your agents promote your brand and image in a controlled and compliant manner. Consistency leads to improved market position and decreased support costs. Even better, providing turnkey Web site solutions for agencies is our specialty. We've been doing it successfully and have the clients to prove it. One key to our success is our EZeditor™ tool that makes it easier to edit Web pages than it is to create a Word™ document. We have a library of forms specifically created for agents to use both to provide better customer service as well as quoting new business. We will make it easy so they can use your own Company forms as well.

We've done the work for you. If you have the need, SiteforLess can provide a solution. We have several options:

Your company can promote SiteforLess in many ways. Include a paragraph about us on your Web site or brochures. You benefit from maintaining cohesive control of your brand, and from providing an added-value product to your agents. Their businesses will grow by using the Internet more effectively.

Take the ultimate step by partnering with SiteforLess to sponsor your agencies' Web sites. Sponsorship gives you even broader control of your agents' Web site content. We will work with you to integrate as many features as possible and to merge their business with your company extranet.

Sponsorship also earns co-branding benefits, including advertising functions on your agents' Web site control panels. Such advertising represents another method of informing your agents of new sales promotions and products, which ultimately increases their sales of your products. This is by far the least expensive way to advertise your Company.

For a small setup fee we can add a Compliance module that will allow only officers to authorize changes in your agencies' Web site content. You will have comprehensive control of your brand online.

Contact information:
John Oates-Larsen
V.P. Business Development
Tel: 800-852-6505 ext. 402

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